I support Roman Gabriel “Sold Out Alcohol Abstinence” Program. Roman has visited all of our Middle and High Schools for seven (7) years, he does a wonderful job. The principals share that they appreciate the fact that Mr. Gabriel requires little assistance in preparation and presentation of his program. The teachers and school counselors like the program materials and online resources that they can use throughout the year. They also feel that it is one of the few programs that is all inclusive so that all students can relate to it.  

Aaron L. Fleming Ed. D. - Superintendent  Harnett Co Schools, NC

Mr. Gabriel has a website, www.soldouttv.com, which serves as a follow up to his presentations. This website contains information, videos, and discussion opportunities that students can access at any time. We have received numerous feedback from our students that the presentation(s) and the website has enabled them to formulate plans for their academic and social careers. Sold Out is truly a comprehensive program that serves as an invaluable resource as we work together to educate our children.

Robbie Cauley Ed.D.- Director\ Pender County, NC Schools

It was awesome to have Roman Gabriel here speaking truth in the lives of our students. To encourage them to be Sold Out in the pursuit of being the best they can be as a athlete, and a student.

Tim Hardy - Athletic Director / Head Football Coach - Greater Atlanta Christian School

Thank you so much for coming to my school. I have learned from experience that I don’t need alcohol to make myself feel better when I’m down. I have learned that to talk to someone is better than having a drink. I love my family and life to much to give it up for one cool night.

Allison- Onslow County High School Student

This program is really important for freshmen to hear, because it teaches students about the dangers that they could be exposed to across the board. Students don’t understand the risk of what they consider fun and entertainment. And when your 14 and 15 years old you’re going to come in contact with alcohol, and drugs. Sold Out teaches them the dangers of their consequences and actions, and the benefits of making right choices.

Keith Woodard – 9th Grade Teacher – Wayne County Schools

I would highly recommend the Sold Out program for all sixth grade middle school students.  With 30% of sixth graders across the country who will try drugs or alcohol before the end of this year.  9th grade is a critical point in their life, because it is when they start to make decisions that could change their life. I really appreciate Mr. Gabriel coming here sharing his heart, his passion in showing students examples of individuals who have struggled in life but made decisions to be Sold Out.

Keith Barnes – Counseling Rosewood High School

Roman continues to bring a positive message to our students. I believe his message of setting worthwhile goals, and making positive choices is necessary and valuable to Wayne County Students.

David Lewis – Assistant Superintendent Wayne County Schools

Your redesigned website www.soldouttv.com looks great ! Sold Out… is essential to equip our students with the intellectual and moral tools that will help them make well-informed, and healthy decisions.

Keith Parker - Secondary School Director / Dare County Schools

I did this pledge because I have been going through a lot and suffering in silence for so long. The only way anybody found out is because my class was doing a writing assignment and we had to write how we felt. I just poured it all out on that piece of paper. This program is what I needed so thank you.

Student - Dunn Middle School

Not only do I pledge to be alcohol and drug abstinent as a teenager but also when I am an adult. Alcohol and drugs have been in my family for far too long….


Skylor – Student, Southwest Onslow HS

I thought Sold Out was helpful because it taught me some ways on how to cope with COVID-19 and other helpful life tips.

Michael  Western Harnett Middle School, NC
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